What if…..?

This month I’m going to be talking about TOXIC, the first book in my DI Donna Davenport series.

TOXIC is set in the present day, and is a where-is-it rather than a whodunit. It tells the story of the desperate search for deadly toxin, MIC, which has been smuggled into the country.

MIC is actually a real toxin. It was responsible for the world’s worst industrial accident – the Bhopal disaster in 1984. On that night, thousands of people were killed in one of the poorest parts of India. Now it’s three and a half decades on, and the people of Bhopal have yet to see justice for what happened to them.

Even today, the ground and the water in Bhopal remain contaminated, and the original chemical plant has been left unsecured and uncleaned. Bhopal’s children play in the toxic waste and crumbling buildings.

So, the big question in my mind when I was writing TOXIC was: what if it had happened here?

Here I’m reading from the prologue to TOXIC