Police procedural at its finest

I’m a big fan of Marion Todd’s DI Clare Mackay series, which continues to go from strength to strength. In her fourth book, published today, the St Andrews based team are faced with a series of puzzling murders. As step by step they establish the links between the victims, we’re taken in and out of homes, offices and bars, through the town and along the coastline. Marion Todd’s descriptions and sense of place are outstanding. So much so, that during one scene (the harbour scene – you’ll know it when you come to it) I actually got dizzy holding my breath because I forgot it wasn’t me in the story!

For me, this book (like the others in the series) has all of the right elements in the right places. There’s enough attention to detail to satisfy curiosity about police procedure, but without the tedium; there’s enough gruesome detail of the murder scenes, but without going unnecessarily overboard; the pace is just right to allow readers to follow what’s going on, and ramps up towards the end to keep you on the edge of your seat; and there’s enough backstory to keep us on-side with the main characters.

A thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying read for crime fiction fans, and as always, superbly written.