On location with Shadows

The island of St Nicholas in southern Turkey is the setting for part of the story in Shadows (book 2 in the DI Donna Davenport series).

The island has fascinated me since I first visited it a few years ago, and this week I’m back there to show you something of why I wanted to write about it in one of my books.

St Nicholas Island has a few secrets of its own. It seems to have been an important religious site during the 5th – 7th centuries, and the rough walking trail around the island takes you through the ruins of several churches. There’s a burial site near the top, too. Who is buried there? And, with no source of drinking water on the island, why so many churches? We may never know.

But what’s beyond doubt is the staggering beauty of this place and it’s calming tranquility. Have a look at the video and see for yourself.

You can read about Donna’s adventure on St Nicholas Island here.