Jackie’s Quick Writing Tips: Scrivener (3)

Here’s my third video on how to use Scrivener. In this one, I’ll show you how to customise your screen, which is how you’ll really get the best out of the software.

The first video shows you how I like my screen to be set up when I’m working on a book, and the second one shows you the basics of how to get started. Together, the three videos should set you well on the way to getting Scrivener to help you get that book written!

Let me know if this has been useful, and if there are any other aspects of using Scrivener you’d like to see more of.

3 thoughts on “Jackie’s Quick Writing Tips: Scrivener (3)”

  1. Thanks for sharing all that you did. I’ve been using Scrivener for several years and I learned some new and really useful things. One thing you didn’t explain that I’m wondering about is how you got your manuscript to the right of the corkboard section to look like two pages of a book. I’ve only seen that done once before, but there was no explanation as to how to achieve that open book-like format. Any chance you could show or explain that? Thanks.

    • Hi, thank for getting in touch. If you place your cursor in your document, try going to the ‘View’ tab then select ‘Text editing’. From there, select the ‘Show page view’ option. Then repeat this: View – Text editing – and this time select the ‘Two pages across’ option, then drag your window to fit. Hope that works for you – it really helps when you get the screen looking the way you want it 🙂 J

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