It’s a 5 ⭐️read!

My review

Set for release on 24th August is the latest Inspector Jim Carruthers book from Tana Collins, In Deep Water. Having read an advance copy, I can say the series has gone from strength to strength, and this is by far my favourite one. There’s a particular depth to this fifth book, not only with the character development that’s grown with the series, but also in the brooding Isle of May – a mysterious and perfect setting for the story. If you’ve ever heard of a place being referred to as a character in a story, this is a great example.

Focused around the investigation into a missing fisherman and the murder of the island’s warden, In Deep Water raises important questions about the pressures faced by people living in coastal areas. It also handles a number of issues, such as suicide, with sensitivity. A fascinating plot, a superb setting, and well developed characters, this is a book you need to get your hands on.

About the book

Accident or Murder? When local fisherman, Robert Paterson goes missing it is assumed by DCI McTavish that the man has fallen victim to another tragic fishing accident. However, things don’t add up for Inspector Jim Carruthers. Why did Paterson take his boat out at night when he would normally fish during the day? Has he taken his own life or has something more sinister taken place? Then a bloodied body shows up on the uninhabited Isle of May. Carruthers is shocked to find it is not that of the fisherman. He suspects the two events are connected. But how? A journalist who had been investigating the two cases disappears. As Carruthers tries to uncover what she discovered more questions arise. Has someone been leaking information to the press? If so, why? And, will the journalist be found alive? With the case getting more complicated and a murderer on the loose in this tight-knit coastal community, Carruthers has his work cut out.

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