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This month I’m delighted to recommend to you Lies to Tell by Marion Todd, published by Canelo on 25th June. In fact, I’m recommending the whole series.

Marion Todd’s Detective Clare Mackay series is fast becoming a favourite of mine. It follows DI Clare Mackay, who is determined to make a new start in Fife following a difficult episode in her Glasgow life and career. A number of things particularly appeal to me about these books. For one, they’re good solid police procedurals. All the gory detail a crime fiction fan could wish for. It’s clear that Marion Todd has done her research, and her storylines ring true to life.

Secondly, the characters are interesting and believable. DI Mackay herself is revealed book on book in ever increasingly human layers. She’s a likeable and competent detective who knows her stuff and keeps a cool head. Yet she’s vulnerable to past hurts, and we see a caring side to her nature when she takes in Benjy the dog, worries about her sister, and makes some questionable decisions in her love life. DI Mackay and the wider team around her are developed expertly as the series continues.

And one of the stand-out features of this series for me is how damn well it’s written! Marion Todd’s writing is superb – a masterclass in immersive writing, where the reader can see and feel everything that’s going on, and perfect in its pace, each book taking us through a fascinating investigation up to a tense and thrilling climax. It’s been such a pleasure to read this series, and I’m thoroughly delighted to learn that Canelo have signed Marion Todd for a further three books. I can’t wait!

If you haven’t yet read the Detective Clare Mackay series, do yourself a favour – get it now.

See Them Run

On the night of a wedding celebration, one guest meets a grisly end when he’s killed in a hit-and-run. A card bearing the number ‘5’ has been placed on the victim’s chest. DI Clare Mackay, who recently moved from Glasgow to join the St Andrews force, leads the investigation. The following night another victim is struck down and a number ‘4’ card is at the scene. Clare and her team realise they’re against the clock to find a killer stalking the streets of the picturesque Scottish town and bent on carrying out three more murders. To prevent further deaths, the police have to uncover the link between the victims. But those involved have a lot more at stake than first meets the eye. If Clare wants to solve the case she must face her own past and discover the deepest secrets of the victims – and the killer.

In Plain Sight

When a baby girl is snatched from the crowd of spectators at a fun run, the local police have a major investigation on their hands. DI Clare Mackay and her team are in a race against the clock when they learn that the child has a potentially fatal medical condition. As Clare investigates she realises this victim wasn’t selected at random. Someone knows who took the baby girl, and why. But will they reveal their secrets before it’s too late?

Lies to Tell

Early one morning DI Clare Mackay receives a message from her boss DCI Alastair Gibson telling her to meet him in secret. She does as he asks and is taken to a secure location in the remote Scottish hills. There, she is introduced to ethical hacker Gayle Crichton and told about a critical security breach coming from inside Police Scotland. Clare is sworn to secrecy and must conceal Gayle’s identity from colleagues until the source is found. Clare already has her hands full keeping a key witness under protection and investigating the murder of a university student. When a friend of the victim is found preparing to jump off the Tay Road Bridge it is clear he is terrified of someone. But who? Clare realises too late that she has trusted the wrong person. As her misplaced faith proves a danger to herself and others, Clare must fight tooth and nail to protect those she cares about and see justice done.