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Recommended new read for May


Each month in the Crime Scene Newsletter I preview a new release for the coming month. In May’s newsletter, I looked at Small Mercies by Alex Walters, published by Canelo on 11th May.

This is the first book in Alex Walters’ new Detective Annie Delamere Series.

Book info

A killer is sending a message – but for who?… Read the rest

Crime Scene May Newsletter

Welcome to the May round-up of crime fiction goodies – download it here:

This month, we feature the incredible lockdown sensation that is our public libraries. We also review top pick of this month’s new releases, Small Mercies by Alex Walters.

You’ll find details of Newcastle Noir virtual events, Noir at the Bar in your home (with some sneaky previews), and some great podcasts you can tune into.… Read the rest

Recommended binge read

The fourth book in Lesley Kelly’s superb Health of Strangers Series is published by Sandstone Press on 23rd April, so now’s the time to settle down for a binge read.

The series began with publication of the first book in 2017, and follows the exploits of the North Edinburgh Health Enforcement Team.… Read the rest

Crime Scene April Newsletter

Welcome to the April round up of crime fiction goodies – download it here:

So, life’s a little different now, isn’t it? However, the crime fiction community has adapted with murderous speed, and we have a range of virtual events to keep you connected and chilled (to the bone). This month’s spotlight is on virtual Noir at the Bar and its virtual sister Noir at the Bar Edinburgh, with details of how you can join in with each one.… Read the rest

Crime Scene March Newsletter

Welcome to the March round up of crime fiction goodies – download it here:

This month we feature author and editor Ian Skewis – check out his website where you can sign up to receive his free monthly newsletter, exclusive previews, updates on new releases, giveaways and short stories.… Read the rest

Justice for Bhopal at last?

There’s news, finally, of a possible end to the injustices faced by the victims of the world’s worst industrial tragedy. But in the meantime, those who live with the horrors of what happened in Bhopal in 1984 have been hit with another crisis. Here’s the good news and the bad…

On the morning of 4 December 1984, municipal workers in Bhopal, India were clearing some 4,000 dead bodies and thousands of animal carcasses from the streets following the world’s worst industrial accident.Read the rest

All change on the writing front

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? My last blog posts were in September and my last Crime Scene newsletter was in October. Last year was especially hectic on the writing and on the home fronts, so I took a wee break, and now I’m back and working on a new crime fiction series – more about that in a moment.… Read the rest

The Ghost Village

Part of Shadows (book 2 in the DI Donna Davenport series) is set in the Kaya Valley in southern Turkey. One of the main reasons people visit the valley is to see the Ghost Village of Kayakoy.

This village has been abandoned since the 1920s, hence its name. Its history, however, is a dark and terrible one.… Read the rest

Crime scene October newsletter

Welcome to October’s quick round-up of criminal goings on. This one is a particularly exciting one for me – and you’ll see why, when you check out who’s on this month’s front cover. Why, it’s none other than DI Donna Davenport…

Download the newsletter here:

There’s lots going on this month, with plenty of book releases and no shortage of events around the country to keep you busy.… Read the rest

On location with Shadows

The island of St Nicholas in southern Turkey is the setting for part of the story in Shadows (book 2 in the DI Donna Davenport series).

The island has fascinated me since I first visited it a few years ago, and this week I’m back there to show you something of why I wanted to write about it in one of my books.… Read the rest